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I would really love a beautiful (and well stocked!) craft room with a studio area for filming tutorials and taking photos of my projects, but sadly, I don’t have the space or money to be able to do that. So, I made myself a little studio using a cardboard box and some left over wallpaper.

This kind of project is really my kind of thing. Ever since being little, I have been creating things from cereal boxes, toilet roll tubes and whatever else I could lay my hands on! In my house it’s a standard thing for my husband to ask if I want to keep the yoghurt pots, jam jars or tin cans! So, I kept this box, which ridiculously was what a laptop had been packaged in! I originally planned to paint the inside but I didn’t have any white paint left and the seam in the bottom of the box was quite uneven, so I grabbed some wallpaper instead.

I think it was quite a funny sight seeing me trying to wallpaper the inside of a cardboard box, although my husband didn’t seem very surprised! I wanted something that I could use for photos but also for making tutorials which would hopefully look a bit more professional. In the past, I had a small lightbox for taking photos and I had used the little light from that to create a slightly larger area for photos in the alcove at the side of my bed, but neither were very big, and certainly couldn’t be used for filming.

I made some little bunting pennants using material scraps in the same colours as my logo, and strung that up across the back wall. And I used the light from the old lightbox which just plugs in using a USB cable.

I made a little pen pot with my logo on, using an empty tin can and some ribbon. I already had a box of odds and ends to use as props for photos. The beautiful shells were some that my mum had brought home for the kids from a holiday somewhere, and I really love using these. The other main decorations are a reed diffuser, which has run out but the vase is really pretty so I kept it and a blue glass water bottle. I’m always on the lookout for more interesting things, especially in my brand colours.

I cut a rectangular hole in the top, slightly smaller than my phone. I took test photos with the phone to work out the best place for the hole. A rim of trusty hot glue helps to stop the phone moving and slipping while I’m filming.

I bought the log slice from Amazon as I’ve seen them used in other people’s photos and I think it works really well with cards. I’m waiting for some artificial gerbera flowers to arrive so I can make a small arrangement using them. Gerberas are one of my favourite flowers and they are usually bright colours and look fun so they fit perfectly with my brand.

So that’s my little studio. I will be posting my first tutorial filmed in it later today and I’m looking forward to making lots more. If there is a particular card or craft you would like to see being made, please get in touch and I’ll do those tutorials first.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend and I hope the weather is nice wherever you are.
Craft Long and Sparkle

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